Director Pascal Amanfo disappoints US-based actress

Posted by Ameyaw Debrah on Mon, 03/22/2010 - 3:03am in ghana, joycelin gyimah, Movies, African

Chicago-based up and coming actress, Joycelin Gyimah has expressed great disappointment at Nigerian director, Pascal Amanfo’s inability to carry through a production that has brought the actress to Ghana currently.  According to Joycelin, she took a leave from her regular work in the US to come all the way to Ghana for the production of ‘Immoral Affair’ only to be told by the director that he would be unable to shoot the movie because he has another engagement with another producer.

“I came down here purposely for a production and I have been disappointed. I now have to change my date and go back or just hang around and have fun without doing any work.  Pascal Amanfo was supposed to direct my movie but he booked an appointment with another executive producer to shoot another movie within this same period.  So my production had to be dropped and he is now on set shooting the other movie.”

‘Immoral Affair’ is a drama laced with romance and mystery which was written and produced by Joycelin Gyimah herself. According to her, she had made all the necessary arrangements with the director and the stars for the movie before embarking on her journey to Ghana.  “I called Pascal before coming down and made all the necessary arrangements with most of the stars but I don’t know why everything just went down the drain”, she commented.

Pascal Amanfo, the director of movies such as ‘My Last Wedding’ and ‘Shakira’, who is also a writer and actor, suggested a reschedule for the production but according to Joycelin that wouldn’t suit her. “He wanted me to hang on for a while but before I came down I took a vacation from my job and it not easy to extend my vacation unless I have a very tangible reason. It won’t be good for me to reschedule the production because I am here on a time frame.”

Although a newcomer to the movie industry, Joycelin has written five complete scripts already including  the movie, ‘Hidden’ starring herself, Juliet Ibrahim, Vicky Zugah, Nana Ama McBrown, Slim Busterr and several others. ‘Hidden’ was written and produced by Joycelin and shot in Kumasi. It has been released in the US and soon to be released in Ghana. 

In addition to writing and producing, Joycelin Gyimah is also a costumier and make-up artist. She has ambitions of hosting her own Talk Show eventually when she moves back to Ghana. She also wants to do TV series among many other things.

In spite of her conspicuous disappointment, Joycelin says she has no problems with Pascal because she believes everything happens for a reason.  “To be honest, I don’t have a problem with Pascal Amanfo. In every situation in life, if God has not signed it, it cannot come into being. So I imagine that maybe this is not the time for the movie to come out, emotionally and physically so I don’t blame Pascal too much. I am only hoping that the movie comes out soon.”